Swine Flu: A Pregnant Woman's Ordeal (NYT)

For anyone who is doubting getting vaccinated, read about a pregnant woman who came down with H1N1. Pregnant women are at higher risk because their immune systems are suppressed to protect the fetus.

"In the four months she was hospitalized, she spent five weeks in a coma, suffered six collapsed lungs and a near-fatal seizure. High-pressure ventilation blew her up like a molten balloon until “she looked like she weighed 400 pounds,” her husband, Bryan, said, and she has stretch marks from her neck to her ankles. Her muscles and lungs are still so weak that she uses a walker.

While hospitalized, she missed seeing her 4-year-old daughter, Hope, learn to swim and start pre-school.

And, most important, she lost her baby (27 weeks)."



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