Anticipating H1N1, Government of Canada Sends Body Bags to First Nations Reserves

First Nations leaders expressed outrage when dozens of body bags were delivered to remote northern communities by the Canadian Government in anticipation of H1N1. Health Canada apologized the following day.



Not in my Herd: Part One

So, the media reports that health care workers in NY are upset that they are required to be immunized against both seasonal and swine flu.

I have a suggestion for you, NY health care workers: perhaps you might consider a new line of work. Maybe your local Waldorf school is hiring?

I think that people who refuse vaccinations for themselves or their children for serious infectious disease are, at best, irresponsible and, at worst, criminal.

There are better sources than me for the public health perspectives involved in this issue, e.g. community health vs. individual rights regarding the concept of vaccination and herd immunity.

But what I will say: the onus is on the government to properly--and sensitively--educate the public about the benefits and risks regarding immunization against H1N1 virus. And it's on the people not to be such kneejerk dumbasses.

This means you, NY health care workers!

And here are the recommendations for swine flu vaccination. They change week to week, so consider bookmarking this page.


swine flu plush toy

GiantMicrobes makes stuffed animals that look like common microbes.

Here is their latest: little Swine Flu.