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I've long been fascinated by survivalism and all of its subtypes: flu preppers, peak oil preppers, and now economic survivalists. I have to admit, while I'm too lazy to do it myself, there is something very appealing and comforting about the idea of stockpiling food "to last two winters," as they say. Having a flour and grist mill is apparently very important, and there are some fancy ones out there that I've found recommended on prepper sites. It's kind of hard to imagine grinding flour to make -what? bread? matzoh?- during the apocalypse when there's a war of all against all. But I have a feeling that survivalists will be eating well in the fraught future while the rest of survive on cold cans of Spaghetti-o's.

Here's a few favorite sites to get you started:




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annie b said...

Interesting about the grist mill!! In my old hs, there was a fallout shelter below and in its larger were mostly water, Saltines and Ex-Lax... not even a deck of cards. And do any of these preppers even mention whiskey?