Not in my Herd: Part One

So, the media reports that health care workers in NY are upset that they are required to be immunized against both seasonal and swine flu.

I have a suggestion for you, NY health care workers: perhaps you might consider a new line of work. Maybe your local Waldorf school is hiring?

I think that people who refuse vaccinations for themselves or their children for serious infectious disease are, at best, irresponsible and, at worst, criminal.

There are better sources than me for the public health perspectives involved in this issue, e.g. community health vs. individual rights regarding the concept of vaccination and herd immunity.

But what I will say: the onus is on the government to properly--and sensitively--educate the public about the benefits and risks regarding immunization against H1N1 virus. And it's on the people not to be such kneejerk dumbasses.

This means you, NY health care workers!

And here are the recommendations for swine flu vaccination. They change week to week, so consider bookmarking this page.


Anonymous said...

I am confused. In one post you act as if the whole ecoscience thing is our biggest fear and in the next post you say to follow lock step with government vaccinations or else be branded a criminal.

Which is it? Trust all the different vax that the government says we should have?

Kim said...

This is a shared blog, and we have different viewpoints and political leanings. Antoine wrote the post that you are responding to, and I responded to his post. We tag our blogs by name. Thanks for your comment!

Antoine Charvet said...
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Antoine Charvet said...

Yes. we are all different contributors to this blog, who apparently have sharply differing opinions about vaccination.

I want you all to know that I have nothing but the best of intentions, as well as documented evidence, to support my positions when in comes to this issue. I am a firm supporter of "informed consent" and believe it is every person's right to control and know what is going into their body, that includes experimental vaccines. I'm not saying not to take vaccines, I'm saying we should be made aware of what the side effects are and be given a choice as to whether or not we introduce these vaccines into our bodies and our children's bodies. We must also realize that these vaccines are often packaged with "enhancers" and "preservatives" that contain neurotoxins, so the issue of "vaccines" is more nuanced than just arguing about the effectiveness of the main ingredient.

This H1N1 vaccine is not even ready, but everyone is lining up to get it. We need to pause and think for a minute, are we lab rats? Or, are we individuals using all the information at our finger tips to make up our own minds as to what is best for us and our families?

jon allen said...

I couldn't agree with Antione more. Aside from the issue of the additives and perservatives in the vaccines, which is an important point to make with issue of the nuances of potential health effects...and aside from that I just don't trust the government or pharmacutical companies who are rushing through this vaccine. They have a very long documented track record of capitalizing on crisis even if the publics best interest isn't being taken into consideration. (Imagine that!)

Kim said...

Do you both think that the risk of side effects in the vaccinated population would be greater than or equal to the risk of mortality in vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, and those with chronic disease?

Are you aware of the numbers of flu infections and potential fatalities that could be prevented by the vaccine, as opposed to the potential adverse events from vaccinations?

Also, in terms of your research regarding neurotoxins and additives in vaccinations, where are you getting your evidence from? Epidemiologists? If so, isn't this the same community who is also producing evidence on the efficacy and risk of the swine flu vaccination? Do you trust them sometimes, and then decide they are untrustworthy at other times?

Antoine Charvet said...

1. I don't need an epidemiologist to tell me that mercury is the most poisonous non-radioactive element known to man, and that it is in the preservative Thiomersal.



I don't think it's a good idea to give an infant or child or fetus (via a pregnant mother) any amount of mercury (or Squalene for that matter).

2. What do you care if people choose not to get vaccinated, unless you are worried about the effectiveness of your own family's vaccinations? If your logic holds: vaccination = protection, non-vaccination = death, then you shouldn't care if other people decide not to get vaccinated, because you're protected, right?

Kim said...

Well a) you say you don't need any epidemiologist to tell you about mercury or Thimerosal. But that Wikipedia entry didn't do the research itself, you know. Toxicologists and epidemiologists are the ones responsible for the research.

b) Vaccination doesn't work quite the way you've outlined it, e.g. since I'm protected why do I care if others get the vaccination? Here's a primer--it takes a village:


Kim said...

p.s. and let me assure you I don't blindly trust the government. I am talking about requirements for health care workers at this point. Not the general public.

Antoine Charvet said...

Right, HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS are refusing the shot. Who better than them to make an educated decision.

Look back after 9/11 when 90% of health care professionals and 1st responders refused the Small Pox Vaccine. We're all still alive..

I know, personally, two NYC health care professionals who will also be refusing the flu/swine flu shots, and they are nowhere as near as untrusting of Govt. or "conspiratorial" as I am...

annie b said...

I think it's important to get the vaccine. The issue in Canada is it won't be released until mid-November!

(Personally not sure what to do as that is just before my due date. OB-gyn says wait and see; it may not even be ready by the time I give birth!)