Beware of Public Restroom Soap

From The Associated Press:

Mar 13th, 2009 | MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- The Alabama Department of Transportation is keeping the Interstate 10 welcome center in Baldwin County closed until it gets test results on a suspicious substance found in a soap dispenser. Department spokesman Tony Harris said Friday the department is waiting on tests as a precaution.

The center was closed Monday because of an unusual odor in the men's restroom and because the liquid soap in a dispenser in that bathroom had an unusual color.

The center's attendants saw doctors as a precaution, but Harris said no problems were found.

The center averages 840 vehicles stopping each day.

Lucky for me, I don't travel to Alabama, and while I do wash my hands after using the bathroom, I don't use that nasty, nuclear pink restroom soap. I try not to touch anything with my bare hands. I probably use a dozen of those scratchy paper towels per trip - one to open the stall door, one to turn on the faucet, one to get more paper towels, etc. I feel bad that I'm wasting so much paper, but I guess my personal hygiene and protection ranks above my love for the planet.

I knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.


Kim said...

Haven't those people ever been to a Cracker Barrel? Nearly everything in those places has an unusual odor and appearance.

joewon said...

Hello there, my fellow personal hygiene minders! I am happy that I live with my (relatively mid degree of) OCD. But are they sure the strange odor is coming from the soap? Isn't bad smell and dirty looks built into men's public restrooms?