North Korean Rocket Launch?

A space rocket launch, or a missile experiment? This is a repetition of an old story, but it is also a new story each time. Of course, the US and ROK had to conduct the biggest ever mock-war joint military operation just a few inches off the coast of North Korea with all kinds of man-of-wars and state-of-the-art mass killing machines, while N.K is playing with the space rocket/missile threat. As the super conservative, super neoliberal South Korean government makes North Korea increasingly hostile to everyone and everything, tension is building up; and even South Koreans who are normally quite accumstomed to this kind of "face off" are getting antsy. The media constantly talk about how N.K.'s new & advanced rockets may be able to fly across the Pacific and reach the US west coast. As if, really.



Kim said...

We've got so many things to worry about these days it's like, GET IN LINE, NORTH KOREA!

joewon said...

Right, and maybe North Korea should come up with something better than just a plain old rocket launch scenario to get some hot attention.

Kim said...

I do wish they'd diversify their threats, you know?