Solid security

For starters, here is a strange little number that someone sent me. It's funny that something from so long ago that is supposed to be happy and gay seems now so imbued with foreboding (the haunting screech of the horn section) and outright creepiness.


On to emergency preparedness. I am wondering who this colouring activity is being given to:

"If an emergency happens in your community, it may take emergency workers
some time to reach you. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and
your family for a minimum of 72 hours."

I feel dumb going to buy 3 days of water at Sobey's. I think if I had kids, I'd feel different. But maybe it doesn't make me a survivalist to think about these things. Look at how prepared Canadians are: http://safecanada.ca/link_e.asp?category=4&topic=186.

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Kim said...

Why "solid," I ask? What's the alternative??